Need a Website Designer?

Welcome to my site! Creating things is what I love especially graphics and music. If you are here to get information on website design, please contact me for a quote. I have designed websites for over 10 years now and would be happy to create you a site. Are you wanting to purchase a bird nest necklace? Click here for more information. If you’re here to just browse… have fun. I have a few blogs you can check out.

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Bird Nest Necklaces

I love making bird nest necklaces. They are meaningful gifts that touch the heart of friends and loved ones. These necklaces are great gifts for those that have kids or have lost a child. Each egg represents a child.

What’s Your Favorite? Style #1, #2, or #3

Three Different Styles

I have designed 3 different bird nest styles. If you would like a custom order with more beads and different colors just choose the style you’d like when you order and then tell me how many beads and what colors you would like the beads to be and add it in the optional note to seller when you are checking out. You can choose your child’s favorite color, your favorite color or just make them all one color. I will do my best to make you the necklace you are desiring.

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